Kuidas teha nii, et koolis oleks huvitav?


Õppida on huvitav juba loomupoolest, uudishimu on meie “sees”. Nii peaks õppimine peaks huvitav olema ka koolis. Seepärast me lõime kunagi Silmaringi ja nüüd Õpiveebi – et koolis oleks huvitav. Leidsin veebist ühe nii hea lõigu ja klipi, et tahan neid siin jagada.

Cognitive scientists have discovered that our survival depends on our brain being able to sort out what matters from what doesn’t. So, simply telling a youngster something you think they ought to know – but they don’t want to have anything to do with – activates an amazing array of crap detectors in the young brain. All too often, what we tell them just doesn’t register. It’s your answer, not theirs. It’s not what they’re looking for, so it’s ignored.

But if you take time out and show youngsters why something is as it is, you’ll probably engage their whole attention, to the point that they push you to one side and demand to ‘let me do it for myself’.